Today, I am enjoying my outfit, mentally assembled in the shower. Blue/gray/lavender-on-white striped button down under a mustard cardigan, with dark blue jeans and a black-and-ivory leopard print satin belt. On my feet are black Converse, but what I wish were there are seafoam green pumps. Too bad I am hidden away in a corner cubicle!


to be a naked girl...

to be a naked girl one must know one's self...
their perfect skin color that is and dress accordingly. The colors, ranging from buttermilk to caramel to a deep cocoa, are all beautiful and delicious, so mix together or match together as you see fit. Great accent colors include creams, shells, soft pinks, mauves, and the occasional robin's egg blue. Keep stark black to a minimum but texturize everything as much as possible. This look is perfect whether you prefer to be nubby or sleek. And as always, top with a "oh my love's like a red, red rose" lip so one non-nude part of you screams, "I am woman...so kiss me."


Rodarte for Target

The Target capsule collections have been killing me lately. I missed out on Rogan Gregory, but other than that it's been since, like, Proenza Schouler that there's been a winner. (Jovovich-Hawk: big disappointment.)

But I'll be lining up for Rodarte on Dec. 20. I want a sheer cardigan in every color...and that lacy dress on the left.

Via Stop It Right Now.

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