Tight on time

Just dropping in to say that Target's $7 Merona tights are the best ones ever!!! And Gap's $16 tights pretty much suck! Too shiny, too blotchy. Miss you all....


pretty bird

my newest pretty bird obsession:



not guilty

In Afghanistan women can be imprisoned for leaving a husband who beats them, for not marrying the man their parents promised them to in childhood, for just being accused of having an affair. These women can even be imprisoned to serve the time for a crime the man she belongs to committed. What proof do the authorities need? The word of two men who say that she should be imprisoned. And here is the worst part of it: their female children are imprisoned with them. 

What can we do? Buy this shirt. The proceeds go to The Afghan Women's Justice Project who helps non-profits provide proper nutrition, fix the condemned buildings they serve their sentences in, offer literacy classes for inmates and their children and last it trains wardens on human practices.

Thanks always to Marie Claire who uses their valuable print space to inform women of projects that matter. I always appreciate that you are not a vapid publication which is why you are one of the few magazines that I will spend my hard earned dollars on. 
Thank you thank you thank you to all who do this work. 

Please see AWJP for more information on how you can help