i'm impressed

those of you who know me are probably aware that dark circles are one of my biggest beauty blights. it is probably too much daily reading or my penchant for red wine but either way they double exponentially during the holidays. and looking like i've had enough sleep gets harder and harder as the clock ticks down to new year's.

thus i love eye brightening pens, however they are not all created equal and let me tell you i have tried them all starting here:

Yves Saint Laurent
Touche Eclat

So this is the industry standard. It wins all the beauty awards and yet, it does NOT work for me. It is too light, gives me raccoon eyes, and still shows my dark circles. And quite frankly for that price it better work miracles. So this one is out.

Eye Brightening Pen
 So I equate this roughly with taking a white crayon and circling my eye with it. Maybe it is because of my olive skin but this was the least sophisticated of all my tries. However, if you are an ivory skinned diva this night be a great inner eyeliner and inner corner highlighter for those sleepy mornings.

Laura Mercier
Eye Brightening Pen

This has been by far my favorite for YEARS. It comes in two colors based on your skin tone, it is creamy, light, and I almost always get comments on how nice my skin looks when I have this on. Love it love it love it and when I get Sephora gift cards this is usually what I stuck up on. However, for that price I do have to use it sparingly and especially at this time of year it just seems too decadent a purchase for myself.

Thus I come to my new favorite: 

Garnier Nutritioniste
Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller

So I decided to try this bc I couldn't justify spending the $30 on Laura Mercier (still love you, Laura!) and boy am I glad that I did. It has caffeine which perks up under the eyes, concealer which covers with a bit of color, and has lovely creamy shine. I did notice that by the end of the day it can work into fine lines a bit but if you use a primer that is usually not a problem. And for that price it is great for daily use without the guilt of wasting it on things that are not special occasions. Really great filler for my Mercier at a really great price.


Every kiss...

begins with...no i won't do it, i don't have the heart.

however, regardless of my love/hate relationship with the Kay commercials i do get sentimental about baubles given during the special occasions. i don't know why. it has something to do with having my own movie/memory montage of remembering through my pieces. it will go like this, "and these are the cameo earrings my husband gave me in Venice (true!) and this is the bracelet we found in an antique store in New Orleans (could be true one day), this is from the Christmas that... (you fill in your own blanks)." And here is some inspiration from the Effy Collection at Macy's:


Recently inspired by

Navy and white striped blazers
Toggle coats
Herringbone coats
Coats with belts, coats in unexpected colors
Tall tall boots in camel or taupe
Creamy brogues, still.
Modern jewelry
Vintage shoes
Wine colors
Plaid shirts
Mustard florals...always.