Vera and David sitting in a tree

Starting February 11th Vera Wang is releasing a collection for David's Bridal. The collection, dubbed "The White Collection", consists of wedding dresses priced from $600 to $1400 and the bridesmaid line will be coming along in June. Maybe we should plan a wedding dress party just so we can all wear one...

would it be wrong to have another wedding just for that dress on the left?
oh la la 
All Photos via The Huffington Post
P.S. As per our friend E. we also recently found out that Anthropologie is designing a wedding dress series. More information will be forthcoming as soon as I get the scoop.


oh la la rose gold

i don't know why but i have become slowly obsessed with the soft pinkish glow of rose gold. i am a gold fan to begin with-it is the gypsy in me-but rose gold offers something softer but still striking that the woman in me really loves. and since i am already a watch fan, or as D., my BIL states it, "You love watches don't you, girl?"( my response? yes yes yes and they don't even have to work for me to wear them. true story.)

but the rose gold seems to me to be the ultimate lady's watch and maybe that is the catch because we girls now have so few reasons to be the ultimate lady-so little is expected of us that every time i put on lipstick people ask what the special occasion is. i mean, i am all for liberation but what about an occasional return to classic feminism, just once in a while? i think i'm going to try harder at it because it makes me feel truly lovely and i will be starting with rose gold on my wrist.

One of the few times I do not despise the branding nor the bling, very rare for me.

I don't know that I think rose gold always goes with the sportiness of a chronograph style:
 but somehow the square shape keeps it sophisticated.

I also don't usually prefer a white face on watches because I want them to look seamless like a bracelet but it works here because the Roman Numerals put it in the "eternally classic" category.
I could wear this watch now or when I'm 60 and it will still work.
It looks like something Katharine Hepburn would have worn and we all know how much I love her.



isn't that what she always wears?

nicole kidman: i want more.
halle berry: i want less.
megan fox: just stop it.
helena bonham carter: with the rest of them i may have been joking a little but this is seriously what she wears every time. le sigh. i still love her though.

it breaks my heart but...

natalie portman's look was way too fussy for me and for her i think. though i must also confess my undying love. forever and ever. seriously. since both of us were like twelve.

michelle willams: no. wait, no. and no. perfect hair, makeup, face but that dress is too 8th grade for me. i know you have that pixie gamine thing going on, and IT REALLY WORKS FOR YOU, but you are still a woman not a child.

heidi klum: nope. but who can blame that girl for trying? her life is golden no matter what and in that situation i might just wear whatever i want too.

clair danes: as much as i try, i don't care for this look. but i am glad that the pink made her super happy.


kaley cuoco: this dress fills my almost daily wedding dress daydream but i am going to say that hair needed to be a bit punched up and that was the wrong necklace. but she is still young and clearly on the right path.

diana argon: love the dress, love the necklace but what is with the 1990's prom hair? you are wearing cartier woman show off that neckline. i honestly would have preferred a bun.

mila kunis's dress. though the accessorizing was nothing special the dress was fantastic.

sandra bullock: love the dress but think the badass rocker hair totally opposed the super-romantic feel of the dress. and don't give me that song and dance about doing opposites with several parts of an ensemble bc i know how that works and this isn't it.

olivia wild: this dress looks incredible. and then she left her hair looking like she just came back from a day at the beach. ugh.

love love love

amber riley: i might have put a different belt with it but she looked like a goddess.

january jones: mother of god woman, work it.

tina fey: that lady just knows she looks killer in a navy dress. kudos to her for going velvet too.

elizabeth moss: for playing such an awkward character she sure nailed this.

christina hendricks: mother load. even though a side bun might have been better with the giant rose on her shoulder i don't care. this woman does nothing in a small way and I love her more and more for it every time.

eva longoria: this was admittedly safe but still stunning.

anne hathaway: i liked it. shoulder pads and all, though i might have preferred it even more without them.

julianne moore: awesome. love a redhead who is not afraid of color and she IS NOT.

kiera sedgwick: orange orange orange. you hippie beast you. 

julie bowden: yay! who doesn't want to be covered in marabou all day?

Please see the gallery at the Golden Globes site for pictures.


courtesy of the Nate Berkus show...

so, here is a really cool website that Nate Berkus mentioned on his show that i wanted to share with all the savvy birds out there. it is called 1SaleaDay and offers one electronic, one watch, one jewelry piece, and one family item at an enormous discount every day. case in point the citron studs below for....wait for it...$2.99 down from $89.99! i might just make this site my new start up screen...


speaking of which...

as i did in the post below for a friend's birthday party, if you would like to send an event that you need an outfit for please feel free!  let me know some critical information like the responses to the questions below and i will put up some outfits and accessories that you can buy online for your event.

1. What is the event?
      Example: Meeting the parents!, First Date, Throwing a Dinner party for my Colleagues

2. How do you want to come across?
     Example: Interesting, Sexy/Fun, Capable

3. How would you characterize your body?
    Example: Pear-sharped, Super-tall, Busty

4: What are silhouettes you are comfortable in?
    Example: A-line, Body Hugging, Wide Leg Pants

5. What would you never wear?
    Example: Mini-skirts, Sleeveless Outfits, Heels Higher than 2 inches

6. How would you describe your style?
    Example: minimalist, Romantic, Professional, Casual

7. Name someone who's style you love.
    Example: Halle Berry, Nate Berkus, Miranda Kerr

8. List some colors that you like/dislike on yourself.
   Example: LIKE: plum, chartreuse, creme
                    DISLIKE: pastels, optic white

9. Give me some general sizes of yours.
   Example: 14, XS, Size 9 foot, 36 inch waist

10: Describe an outfit you love on yourself.
    Example: My favorite outfit is a white t-shirt and jeans with Frye boots, I love putting on my one-shoulder chiffon dress with gold foil, I can't get enough of my class black sheath and pearls.


let's say...

let's say you are a lovely woman,
let's say you are thinking about having a birthday party
let's say you are hesitating bc you aren't used to doing nice things for yourself,

what do we say to that?

we say (say it with me now, birds)... DO IT!

and whether it is an intimate dinner party with a few friends or a happening cocktail party complete with mangotinis here are a few options for you...

Fanciful print with a sophisticated shape

Hot Shape, Fun Color

Soft shaping in a birthday girl color
Understated, interesting, and soft to the touch (like you!)
Beautiful colors and interesting patterns makes for great conversation with the cuties in the room

Classic shape, subtle color and pattern mean you can wear some eye-catching shoes as well

Nothing says home like a sweater and nothing says party like some sequins


some winter shine

so, heading into the worst winter months i am thinking about what little things i can do to tweak my quickly greying appearance and help me keep up my morale and so far these are the winners:

What: JK Jemma Kidd Year Round Body Glow
Where: Target, $25
Why: Because it imparts a beautiful glow to skin, reflecting light and adding luster. Mind you, I said glow, not tan, which means it is color free and works for all skin tones. Woop!
What: Stila Convertible Color in one of the Brightest Shades like Poppy or Gladiola (below)
Where: Sephora, $24
Why: Because the bright nature of these add life to the grey pallor of winter skin. They can be used on cheeks and lips which means you don't have to waste time trying to match such strong colors to your other cosmetics-you just need a swipe of defining mascara and voila! Also, these shades are much stronger in the compact so DON'T BE AFRAID. When you put them on they look like a beautiful version of wind-burnt skin without the actual wind and burning.

What: A Hair Glaze
Where: Drugstores, $9
Why: Because sometimes all your hair needs is a little kick to combat winter dryness and static. A colored glaze will punch up your color by depositing a teeny bit of pigment to your hair to make your color deeper. Or you can go for a clear gloss which will seal your cuticle and add a ton of shine. It will bring attention to the life in your locks and make a great contrast for the brightness of the makeup above.

What: Whitening Strips, $24
Where: Drugstores, $24
Why: Because you had too much wine over the holidays, first of all, admit it. Secondly, because brightening your teeth right now when all other color has left your face gives your look a pretty and natural focal point. And it will make you want to smile more which actually boosts your mood whether you are happy or not. This is science people. (Note: I prefer Rembrandt products bc all of them are enamel building in addition to being whitening but any whitening product will work).

What: The brightest shirt you can find. 
Where: This one is from Spiegel, $29
Why: Because try as we might we can't always fake life in winter hair and skin but you can fake it with your clothing. Adding a bright color is surprising against all those winter greys and reflects color back onto your skin.

What: A Cape
Where: American Apparel, $159
Why: Because it will keep you warm, you are basically walking around in blanket but you won't look like a vagrant while you do it. But also bc adding a cape as a topper adds visual interest to anything you are wearing, you can have the world's ugliest Christmas Sweater under that cape and you would still look like the chicest girl in the room. However, if you want to up the ante imagine the chartreuse top above peeking out of it with poppy colored lips and cheeks and shining hair and teeth...just fantastic.