an aurora borealis

around your neck. and you should check out all of sundance's earthy jewelry...including the raw, rough-hewn diamonds...so lovely...


From my archives

Can't recall source--let me know if you know it.
This is how I aspire to dress. It's a combination of my two favorite looks--classic/Parisian (the tee, the nude shoes, the ladylike bag) and Anthro California girl (the skirt, the print of the scarf).

More on those looks--this is how I think of them.

Basics--white, black, and gray. Lots of soft knits on top. Tailored/structured below. Tweeds. Menswear influences--Oxfords, cognac, black and white. Beige/tan/nude, especially in footwear, as a base. Accessorize with scarves, watches, simple jewelry.

Anthro California girl:
Striking prints, often mixed and matched. Dresses worn with easy sandals; skirts; bright colors; accessorize with belts and bold necklaces.


oh, to have a 1930s summer

i might do anything to have a high cut bathing suit and wear flat loafers with ditsy dresses and men's hats with red lipstick all summer long. i would consider myself gatsby's daisy (without the self-absorption and pea-brained life choices and the aesthetic she embodies: "All right... I'm glad it's a girl. And I hope she'll be a fool--that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." does anyone else just want to shake her for being so privileged and apathetic until her pretty little head rolls off? ugh. )
and these would be my go to pieces:


Fashion crime...against HUMANITY.

I would like to agree with the "Leggings are not pants" sentiment and I would like to, in fact, up the stakes.

Ladies (I'm especially looking at you, older ladies, who mysteriously seem to have embraced this "trend"): I know that J. Crew is fond of showing ankle socks worn with a skirt and heels or sandals.

This is not a good look. It is not even a good look on the models. And it is especially not a good look when you are over the age of, well, Suri Cruise. I'm not being mean. I've just seen two dames d'un certain age in the past week sporting this ... "fashion." It's not fashion. It's not edgy. It's dowdy to the max. Even on Alexa Chung. Okay? I'm serious, people.

I also don't like pastel-colored or floral-patterned tights, but I'm willing to let those slide if it means you'll be wearing tights with heels and not socks.


Not Grandma's clodhoppers

So while the other pretty bird is posting pictures of supermodels, I'm off blathering about how I want to do all my spring shopping at LL Bean and now ... wait for it ... wait for it ... Bass.

I know, right?

But look:

I bet they're way comfier than Steve Madden, too.

My cousin did a fashion shoot with Renn!!!!

sorry about the bit of fuzziness. this picture was sent from her phone to my phone to my email to this blog so it has had a bit of a journey but totally worth it! i can now play seven degrees to crystal renn and win every time!!! this shoot will be coming out in some magazine soon so be on the lookout but by then of course it will be old news because it is RIGHT HERE! i will try to contain myself. love love



please hear me

i am so sorry to be preachy or mean if this comes across as a personal offense but: 

leggings are not pants. 

i just can't anymore.


for l. (land's end that is)

so, as per L's prompting i took a look at land's end to see how far they have come from the camping gear of my youth (i'm talking girl scouts, y'all). and as far a classic clothes in timeless styles, she and they are right on.

they are especially good at nautical preppy styles and have made sure to add in lots of a colorful accessories, many in the perfect-this-season splash of yellow that i just adore. and, as for that striped navy boatneck that every girl should own, here is one that will score you points time and time again. wear it with their cropped chinos chicly slouchy and rolled up at the cuffs or wear it as our own pretty bird did last weekend under a floral jacket top with skinny jeans and ballets flats. she was the walking definition of fantastic and you will be too, whether you are flying off to hawaii (too happy for you, l!) or just staying stateside like the rest of us.


Don't be alarmed by the wig

I was browsing Etsy the other day. Isn't this vintage dress pretty and modern-looking?
Here's a close-up on the print:
This seller also has some other really nice stuff, like this Built by Wendy-ish dress and this vintage, actual Liberty of London print blouse:



i have never been much of a tribal bird;
ikat in pretty much any form was something i always passed over.
and yet, this season, with the colorful variations and beautiful cuts, i feel myself being pulled toward them, maybe not quite for myself yet but i can see me loving these on other birds now.
i'll let you know when i personally make the switch but until i do here are some fantastic pieces.

First Two Pieces from www.alloy.com
Second Two Pieces from www.tracyporter.com


Chahmed, I'm sure.

I didn't think I had an inner prepster, but after browsing the LL Bean Signature collection, apparently there is a clamdigging classico clamoring inside of me.