take a (re)look

at alloy because the price point is incredible, the new patterns are not cheesy knock-offs of something else, they are just new patterns and there is more chiffon than ever.

Classic Classic Classic

Grecian goddess mets bib necklace meets  pretty

For every party you can think of

With skinny jeans and over the knee boots 

Beautiful sophisticated colors, sexy but not overexposed shape 
Too cute, though I'd mostly pair with flats

Change out the buttons for gold or tortoise shell and voila! great fall topper

With cropped pants and oxfords or tucked into a pencil skirt a la Joan from MM

Everyday utile but never boring

Lady lady ladylike

p.s. use code ALQ224M to get a 15% discount on everything and code ALQ on free shipping over $75.

p.p.s. want to try a boot trend? check out that section too. totally affordable for one season of wear.


Tip your waitress

I've never in my life dyed my hair ... but after seeing this photo of Jessica Biel in Marie-Claire, I foresee a date at the beach next summer with a spy novel and a fresh-squeezed lemon.


What in the world ...

For two years as a teenager I was "in love" with Robert Redford. Yes, this was during the 1990s; no, I wasn't a weird teen. Why? Why do you ask?

I was doing photo research (legitimately for work and no, not on Robert Redford) and I came across this:

A tiny part of me is saying, "Where can I get those shoes?" while the rest of me is saying, "I sincerely hope this was for a role and not his normal beachgoing wear??"

Good heavens.


Who's In?

Women's Ethical Edge

Monday 11/1 @ 7:00 PM - 8:30
host:Ny Society for Ethical Culture
where:2 West 64 Street
New York, NY 10023
price:$15 program. $25 program & reception
rsvp/contact:call 212-874-5210 x144

The promo reads:

A Conversation with Six Remarkable Women about How We can do things differently this year.

Guests Include:
Amy Goodman
Noami Klein
Gail Sheey
Susan Taylor
Marie Wilson
Abigail Disney

Women's Ethical Edge

The winners

Well, it's too late for you to protest now, because I've already taken them out of the box and worn them outside, but the boot winners are ...

The Corso Como Rhonda.

They are almost perfect. In a universe ruled by me, the shaft could be a nudge higher and the heel could be a tad chunkier, but they fit like they were made for me and I love the color and the asymmetrical top and, really, everything. And trust me, I tried on just about every other pair in existence for Fall 2010.

I hesitated a long time over the Lucky Brands, but ultimately, upon trying them on for the third time, came to the conclusion that 17" shaft or no, they were simply too bulky and wide. From some angles they looked great and from others (for instance, my own vantage point looking down) it was as if my leg was swimming in a sea of leather. Wearing them, I felt like I could jump into a barn and start shoveling manure. They'd be great boots for a long country walk followed by a frolic through the sheep pasture. Which, while it sounds amazing, isn't exactly my current lifestyle.

This long, protracted(, and ultimately pretty silly) boot hunt made me realize that there are two kinds of riding boots in the world: equestrienne and rugged. The ones I wound up with were, surprisingly, the former; surprising because all along it was the rugged that appealed to me. But it's all good. I'll wear these into the ground for the next several years. And then ...

... dark brown or black, what do you think?
(Just kidding, husband!!)


if i could have just one thing...

for any reason, at any time, for any upcoming occasion from christmas to "oh, it's just a tuesday"... this would be it.

i will speak no more about it bc it needs no words (except to say link to ann taylor yourself to see the really big version; the little picture barely does it justice)...

Pearl and Crystal Brooch Necklace anntaylor.com


mulberry...the color not the street

you know what makes me feel sexy and pretty in winter? a color dark enough to feel sultry and pretty enough to feel feminine...mulberry. as holiday time approaches i cannot help thinking that it is the perfect accent for every outfit:

wear these to make a black dress feel more interesting:


wear this for thanksgiving with brown boots and a chunky sweater.  then rewear for a holiday party with red lipstick and/or emerald green tights:


wear these under anything to make you feel hot from the inside out on a really cold day:

 replace your sheer hose with these and wear to work with your usual shift dress. you can act as if nothing has changed but you will feel incredibly different:
 put these on instead of your usual neutral boot socks and be sure to pull them above the boot shaft to add some depth of color to your outfit:

Keira royale

Husband doesn't like Keira Knightley. He calls her "Skeletor" and scoffs at every movie she's in. I, however, have adored her since Bend It Like Beckham. And now, I adore everything about her outfit.

Carey Mulligan's is quite covetable, too. Photos from Zimbio via the always inspiring Moodboard.


just a little something...

to light up my day.

these are the statement pieces...the single things, that when worn with any outfit-pajamas included- can make your day...nay your entire week. you do not even have to brush your hair with these pieces, in fact, they may look even better when you don't.
Tarnish Ruffle Ring, Nordstrom.com

Sorrelli Pendant Necklace, Sorrelli.com

Sorrelli Crystal Bird Necklace, Sorrelli.com

Sorrelli Wild Meadow Bracelet, Sorrelli.com (yes, i had to include all three. blame b. bird, my sorrelli goddess).

Emerald and Filigree Cuff, Maxandchloe.com

Feather Cap, Anthropologie.com (I have been lusting after this since MID-SUMMER. total insanity, i know).

Fur Wrap, Anthropologie.com (will go with every winter coat i own. every one.)


Finally, a store that shows the clothes in motion

Anthropologie – October Outfits

Did you guys see this adorable video???? (that just arrived in my inbox five minutes ago). Okay, out of sheer stubbornness I reaalllly try not to drink the Anthropologie Kool-Aid but I want everything in it and, in fact, to be that girl actually. Oh wait, it's my city!! I totally could! Tomorrow. Bookstore. Flower shop. Cute hat. It's on.

Also, now I really want this dress:

The quest continues

I guess the vague half-formulated mental look I am going for is as follows, though I realize it's a little all over the map (zip, no zip, slouchy, no slouch):

Most of these images are from the Madewell site, and yes, they do have boots for sale but they're $300 and look short.
Instead, going to see if I can try these on after work. And I haven't given up on the Lucky Brand ones. Maybe my zipper requirement is what's been throwing me off.


Please weigh in

Okay guys, pardon the awful phone pictures. I'll spare you the boot hunt details to which M. and C. have been privvy, probably to to their chagrin (entering week #6!).

Option #1: Franco Sarto Panko. They zip up, but just barely (see that cuff? My leg is bulging out over it). I'm not sure they can get stretched because there's a decorative buckle that snaps (again just barely) over the zipper. However, I do like them. They are not quite as tall in the shaft as Option #2....and I'm worried I couldn't get them stretched to wear over jeans because of the snap. They definitely won't fit over jeans as is. But, if they could be stretched, they'd be super elegant and tough at the same time ... That zipper goes on the outer shaft, not inner, in case you're wondering.

Option #2: Lucky Brand Andria. These don't have a zipper, which was my requirement for spending three digits on a pair of long-sought riding boots. However, they pulled on and off easily, to my surprise and delight. They are also surprisingly tall (I'd give 'em a solid 17" inch shaft estimate, which is very VERY hard to find--trust me--I've been looking). The toe is rounder than the Franco Sartos, which is more of an almond shape. Question is, without a zipper, are they too bulky in the ankle to wear with dresses? Or is that okay and Frye-like?
Please ignore my outfit, especially my hideously unflattering jeans, which I have now traded in at Gap for a 30% off pair of their delightfully cut 1969 Curvys.

Update: here's another photo of the Lucky Brands. See? Bulky. But comfy! You can tell which way I'm leaning which is why I need you people to honestly tell me if I'll look like a clodhopper in them.

Adventures in odors, part 4

Today I am wearing Marc Jacobs Daisy. Fresh and lovely right out of the bottle, it's rapidly morphing into "perfume" on my wrist. I don't think this one is a keeper. (Truthfully, I've fallen so in love with Jardin Sur le Nil that I don't actually want to find another one, but I'm following through as an intellectual exercise if nothing else.) Last week I wore a bergamot-scented one from Aedes (I can't recall the name or brand), which was nice but didn't leave much of an impression on me, perhaps because I applied it too lightly, so I'll give it another shot at some point.

You may notice that the blog looks a little different. We're still tweaking. But feel free to leave your comments or suggestions for aspects you'd like to see! Coming soon: post categories and lists of blogs we love and shops we suggest. Note that none of these are paid endorsements and we have not received courtesy items from anyone, just to be clear.


Key print

I do not have a 23 inch waist.

But if you do, you should run not walk to buy this skirt.


so, as per my last post i have now been frantically searching on etsy for someone who can make me a beautiful wrap dress. however, in my searching i came across mooncircus and want you all to know her. she makes beautiful dresses and clothes for any occasion but i am particularly in love with this one, which i think would be great as bridesmaid dresses or just for you to wear to pretty much anything else you could think of where you want to "the lovely girl over there."

and, i can with much certainty guarantee that nobody else there will have your dress. perfect.

(all pictures are the property of moonchild and they are, by the way, beautifully done and increase the value of the shopping experience enormously, in my opinion.)

and quite frankly, the two-tone satin sheath knee length skirt is something i am officially pinching pennies for!

who's that girl?

walking to class the other day i saw a pretty, lithe little brunette fair-skinned bird wearing this outfit and i am now lusting to recreate it:

creme with black bird print dress (similar to the one posted on sofia's journal -super cool site if anyone wants to take a look by the way)

black trench coat-tightly cut but worn open

red flats-she wore faux leather but i would argue for suede (or faux suede for our PETA people. it's a texture thing but of course, we should still respect the animals).

and a beaten up gray leather-looking bag.

her hair was in a tousled bun and she was such the epitome of parisian chic meets harried american that i stopped to watch her walk away.

as a totally related side note (what is the opposite of non sequitur? sequitur?): i am now desperately seeking creme blackbird covered fabric and a tailor who can make me a wrap dress. if you know where to find either let me know!


oh nate berkus

shopping on hsn.com (a whole other amazing site i will talk through with you) one day i came across the nate berkus greek key tray and saved for three months to get it for myself because i knew it would be the perfect compliment to my grey velvet ottoman/coffetable (i should tell you that i didn't even own the ottoman yet-i know, i know). anyway, since then i have been hooked on him. needless to say that when i stayed home sick one day and saw that we had a new show i decided to watch,with great results.

inspired by a recent episode of the nate show where christian siriano came and showed one down-on-her-luck bird how to fashion a single black dress three different ways on a budget i have decided to do so for my own fall wardrobe challenge. take a peek at my three options and then send me your suggestions! the best outfit that i get will get added to the post!

Above are my two basic pieces and I figure they need to be styled for studying, teaching, and going on a date with JHubbs. So...



 Date Night: