anthro has proven me wrong. again.

and in the best way possible.

you know why? because i thought that there was nothing more glamorous than piles of pearls, i mean piles and piles and piles of creamy pearls accented with red lipstick. and yet, i always come to a pearl impasse when summer rolls around because piles and piles of pearls are sweaty and hot and not always logical for humid city styling.  anthro has come up with the perfect solution for me: a big twist of pearls held together with a single chain across the neck. voila! then the wind can style cool your neck, you are still covered in tons of pearls and they are tinted in beautiful summery colors as well. which means one other small change: swap out that red lipstick for coral...you know you wanted an excuse to try the trend anyway...

Knotty Necklace, $238


georgia flea market finds

upon returning from a family wedding/vacation in florida and then georgia what am i so in love with this minute? the antiques, birds, the precious precious antiques. the beautifully taken care of, not picked over, reasonably priced, totally charming antiques sold in well-lit super structures by ungrouchy dealers. i may never shop for new york antiques again. wait, strike that bc that will not happen but let me say this: i will never shop for new york antiques with quite the same "BUY NOW OR THERE WILL NEVER BE CHANCE EVER AGAIN" mentality. now i can remain calm and realize that if i just wait until i get to georgia all will be waiting for me...like these two girl portraits and a brass bird paperweight. too cute...

top shop, you saucy minx you!

i have recently discovered top shop. and let me tell you, it was a match made in heaven. it has the versatility and breadth of materials that h&m has with a slightly higher-quality, higher-design mind frame. just love it. here's why:

All Top Shop, $25-100

for k. in her mission

after getting an email from our friend k. about her inspiration and subsequent hunt for the perfect striped shirt i thought i would offer a feature of a variety of striped shirts, all available now, all for under $50, woop!


always think first, lady birds

Can feminism be a mass-produced, globally distributed product, and can merchandised relations to girls be authentic?
Girls by: Catherine Driscoll