they said it

seche vite in french means dry quickly-a utile name for a seriously utile product. i should have prefaced this by telling you that i cannot paint my nails to save my life. they usually look like i dipped my fingertips in their entirety in red paint followed by two or three days where I wait for it to rub off all but the actual nail- none of which matters because even so i end up with fabric crosshatches and pieces of lint dried into the lacquer at which point i just wait for the color to chip off entirely which is when i usually just decide to never paint my nails again. this is my basic method/cycle for nail painting, fascinating i know.

however, this top coat has changed my outlook. it dries shiny and super fast so i know the crosshatch situation is taken care of which makes me take better care when painting my nails which makes me avoid the macabre bloody fingertips look all together. love it.

seche vite, $8, beauty stores

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