what i would surprise l. with...

if i could sweep her away from the office and take her to the plaza for high tea on her bday...

this outfit is understated (as we all know our quiet bird can be), complicated (as her intellect has proven time and time again), sophisticated (i think l. was just born this way...is that possible?), and quite frankly a knockout (do i need to speak more to this? our girl is crazy beautiful...). now all i need to do is buy her a perfectly mismatched tea set to go along with it... maybe in crazy yellow florals a la miss havisham? yes, i think that would be perfect...happy day, birthday bird!

what i would surprise e. with..

 if i were rich enough to buy her an outfit and could take her to the circus for her birthday...

it is fun (hence the awesome necklace that e. could probably make on her own and five times better), eclectic (the dress is even called the "sewing class dress" how perfect for e. is that?), colorful (because it must be), happiness inducing (just look at it. also i think the elephants would love it.), and logical (due to the super low and highly walkable heel) just like e. herself. one day i will buy it all for you and ship it off in a giant golden box (a la king midas) or in a giant peach (a la james and his giant fruit.)
love love and i hope bday charm still lingers around you.



Is this the prettiest top ever, or what? I'm getting off the Anthropologie website now before I do something I regret.


Long time no blog

I am in love with these pillowcases at Urban Outfitters.



so, several of my friends have mentioned lulu's to me but for some reason it has not yet become part of my repertoire of online shopping sites. today i decided to take a second look and i am glad i did. not only did i find that they have a wide selection of different styles to suit many different types of birds but they  are also fantastic at keeping their price point well below $100 per piece.

however,  the icing on the cake for me was the vintage section, yes, they have a vintage section, birds. and not only do they have one, but they style the pieces for you in their images so you are not left wondering "how would i wear this?" and then walking away bc your creativity fails you in that particular moment. marvelous, i say (and eco-friendly bc all smart birds know that vintage shopping is basically a super chic way to recycle! good for your wallet and your conscience?...count me in!)


a starburst. for j.

i have to say about two years ago this would have been too graphic for my taste, but now I am finding myself loving the classic glamour of the starburst mirror. and the variety of iterations out there make it less locked into the mid-century design phase and more of an evolutionary piece throughout time. i actually kind of want one now-look at that turnaround! you can call me broadening-my-horizons-bird. for now.

A tribal variation, or maybe even Egyptian. I can imagine Cleopatra gazing into one of these before she hooked up with one of her brothers.

A tinny, mod version. Would work well in a sleek, monochromatic home or as a counterpoint to a traditional room. 

A slightly femmy and more wispy variation. Nice in a girl's room or as an accent piece in a hall or above a little knickknack table.

The classic, dramatic conversation piece and highly reflective so it will bring light to any room.

The mantle piece-perfect if you don't want to mount, perfect if you don't want something too shiny, perfect all around.

bc it could have worked for my grandmother

and now it works for me. yes, birds, a timeless piece, so ladylike, so casual, it could have been passed on to you and you yourself can pass it on as well. priced at less than $100, it is perfect to become an heirloom - like a little wedding dress, without all the drama. love it.

Garnet Hill, $98