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speaks louder
than words"

~Talbots Spring 2010 Ad Campaign~


oh, sorrelli (or ode to b.)

my friend b. once told me about this jewelry line that her mother told her about (these are fashion dynasties here, people). and it has taken me about 18 months to truly truly fall in love with the line, which is ironically about the same amount of time it took b. to fall despite her mother's urging. however, i am now officially hooked.

needless to say the eggshell cabochons and bib necklaces are right up my alley and they even have a sister line (actually started by one of the founder's daughters-talk about a fashion dynasty!) called mimi that does the same type of work with a more hard rock aesthetic. and lastly, being a strict studs or chandeliers bird myself, i was surprised to find that they even have possibly the only pair of dainty, feminine earrings i have ever liked. so sweet.

Note: InStyle is offering a 20% discount on all Sorrelli Jewelry purchased online between now and April 30. All you have to do is put INSTYLE10 in the discount code box when you check out. that's even sweeter, especially since I have already planned quite a few outfits around that seven cabochon necklace...


baubles, baubles everywhere nor any drop to drink

my boo, in his magnanimous awesomeness, bought me this lovely summer frock.

now i am lusting after cool neutrals and bright color pops to go with it in the inane hope that:

wearing overbearingly summery outfits=witching it into being overbearingly summer outside...

i'll let you birds know how it pans out. in the meantime, eyecandy.


Twist my arm

Suppose one day you were sitting at the deli counter eating your sandwich and a mysterious old woman with frizzy orange hair, a leopard print coat, and a pair of cat-eye glasses appeared in a puff of smoke next to you. While you gape, astonished, she takes you by the arm and says "No arguments! The fate of humanity rests on your shoulders. A lump of money is going to appear in your bank account today and you must spend it on shoes. If not, something terrible will happen. I can say no more!" And she vanishes, leaving you to your bemusement and pastrami-on-rye.

Well, if you insist.

If this happened to me, I think I'd look for ... a classic pair of cap-toe flats ... a rich cognac brogue ... a neutral wedge for spring and summer ... and, much as I loathe the ridiculous high-heel clog trend that the magazines are telling us we should buy into (I love me my Danskos, but c'mon: really?) ... a pair of cherry red wooden sandals to make me feel like a kid again.

What about you?



Someday I will have a house and in that house will be an alcove or a wide closet with no doors and I shall create

a library just like this one.

Picture found on erineverafter.


and the kudos goes to...

lauren conrad for her new line for kohl's which is pretty adorable actually and super well-priced.

the pieces all exert a feminine aesthetic but they are playful and perfect for summer with sandals and a nice utility trench. most of the items have a soft pattern or ruffle detailing which makes them interesting enough to be a "piece" worn on their own or with just minimal accessories.

however, for the brazen out there she also has a few very bold pieces like an electric blue ruffled mini dress that i know would look great on a few of you (E. in particular...). i myself am lusting after the sheer cream sequin t-shirt dress to the tune of $39.99. incredible. enjoy, birds!


What I saw and how I "buyed"

Liberty for Target update!

They opened a "pop-up shop" at Bryant Park yesterday, and when I found out I decided to stop in after work. So here is my review. Note that a LOT of stuff was cleaned out already (place was jamming), but this seems like the most extensive capsule collection they've ever done, so a lot was left.

Here's what I got:
A black and white cotton scarf ($14.99)
A rose and white polyester sleeveless blouse  ($19.99)
A yellow, green, and turqouise duffel bag ($19.99)
All, coincidentally, in the sunflower print, which apparently I am majorly drawn to.
I'm debating returning the blouse, because the fabric is that icky faux chiffon. However, it is a really cute print, and I love the high neck.
I'm wearing the scarf today. J'adore.
The duffel bag--I was so surprised by it! The colors are beautiful, and it's a nice heavy fabric. It's got two handles and then a top strap, and pockets and such. I think I'll use it sparingly as a weekend bag, and then down the line as a diaper bag in a few years (I mean, knock on wood).

Here's what I considered getting:
A cotton cami and shorts pajama set in clashing prints--but I am saving up for a pair of elegant mens style pajamas in the fall, so I put this back
The peacock print one-piece bathing suit--really thick, nice quality; just strapless, and I don't have the boobage to keep it up. (All the swimsuits seemed good quality to me, and cute. If the peacock had had some kind of strap, SOLD.)
A magenta short-sleeved faux chiffon robe that would look really cute over a cami for work--again, polyester.
A blue, small-floral print tote bag--adorable print and vibrant colors, but the straps were that horrible white vinyl fake leather
The china canisters--there were a LOT of these left, and I loved them, but the reason there were a lot left (and why I didn't get one) is because this is New York and no one has counter space.
A ruffle neck sleeveless blouse in another small floral print--cute cut, but I decided the print was maybe a little too "Express circa 1999" for me.

Here's what else they had:
Floral print rainboots
Floral print underwear
Sundresses, maxi dresses, and peasant blouses in various prints
More pajamas, but mostly that fake chiffon that wouldn't be comfy to sleep in
Girls' clothes--really, really cute, especially because these were all in the cotton, unlike the women's clothes. Taylor Eve, your birthday is coming up!
Floral print flip flops
Floral print wallets
Floral print sun hats
One sole, chipped peacock mug
A few piggy banks
A few melamine trays
The bikes

Here's what was already gone:
The teapots, but they had one on display, and it wasn't round like I thought--kind of an oblong shape, so I think I'll pass. You can always find pretty vintage teapots.
The mugs
The flower pots
The men's clothes--loved the sole tie and buttondown they had on display (for me, though--Chris would NEVER wear them)
The melamine dishware
The gardening gloves
The umbrellas
The bedding and throw pillows

Here's what I'm mildly considering getting up on Sunday for:
  • The sunflower print shift dress--it's a gorgeous dark golden yellow with the black and white print, and the fabric is heavy, not polyester. I love it. On the other hand, I'm trying not to be spendthrift and also not to be a walking "for Target" advertisement. They also had this print and fabric in a spring coat on the mannequin. Both of these pieces looked like something you'd find in J. Crew. I do have a mild suspicion the dress would wrinkle if you sat in it. But it'd be perfect for all the summer weddings I have to go to.
  • The button down, small-floral print tops. This would be so nice with jeans, or buttoned up under a blazer with a clashing scarf. Hmmm. This blouse is what really sways me. Maybe I'll ask my mom to go to her Target. If it's there, it's meant to be!
  • The umbrellas, hee. It looks like they have plastic handles, though. Still, nothing like pink flowers to brighten up a rainy day.

Okay! This LofLforT preview brought to you by obsessive chintzyness.


a different kind of glamorous

...spring glamorous that is. the kind of pulled together yet sunshiney glamour that one needs to pull them out of the frigid winter darkness. and they are, in no particular order because i adore them all: this season's zipper craze, animal touches, yellow silk (+ ruffles), coral accents, the ever chic military jacket, and quite possibly the only lilac color i have ever liked. i can make one of these pieces work for literally any event you have coming in the next three months. try me.

Military Jacket by Juicy, Zappos.com, $248
Dresses, Macys.com, $69-99
Sandals, Nordstrom.com, $49
Polishes, Tart Deco and Neo-Whimsical, Essie.com, $8


bc everyone should see it...

brava, cam, i may even forgive you for the Golden Globes debacle.

oh, rachel, how do i love thee...click here to see a five picture spread of this elle saab. once you see it move you might not be able to help yourself.

For Traci

...but I don't have energy to round up photos.


Cameron Diaz
Anna Kendrick
Gabourey Sibide
Rachel McAdams (She might have been the winner in terms of pretty + interesting.)
Carey Mulligan, despite myself (usually hate skirts that come up in front, but it was INTERESTING and funky and I like her. Shoes were not awesome but were forgiveable.)

Safe but really, really pretty:

Penelope Cruz
Kristen Stewart (although, wish she'd had a necklace)
Demi Moore (seriously, how DOES she do it?)
Amanda Seyfried
Elizabeth Banks
Helen Mirren
Meryl Streep


Sandra Bullock (Yeah, it was pretty, but it was kind of ... awards show ish.)
Tina Fey (I couldn’t tell: could you see her underwear??)
Maggie Gyllenhaal (I like her adventurousness but the print left me kind of cold. Felt very 2008-9, to be honest.)
Kate Winslet (I liked this better in some photos than in others)
J. Lo. (got nothing to say)


Zoe Saldana (she’s a goddess, but I do not like those dark purple ruffles)
Vera Farmiga (nice color, but she looked like a sea creature)
Sarah Jessica Parker (YUCK. Did she get this at Forever 21? Chanel, I hardly knew ye.)
Charlize Theron (upon reflection, I moved her here from my "meh" column. But do you remember her orange Vera Wang of the late '90s? That dress was incredible, and may spark a separate "Best and Worst Oscars Fashion Ever" post)

On the fence:

Diane Kruger (I think I would hate this dress more if it was anyone but Diane, who is radiant.)
Miley Cyrus (I think I would like this dress more if it was anyone but Miley, who is, to me, kind of gross.)

Update: I was going to put this in the comments but then I felt it deserved to go here. Even though I didn't like Zoe Saldana's dress, I applauded its bravery. She gets a thumbs up from me for not looking so styled within an inch of her life, unlike, say, Amanda Seyfried or Elizabeth Banks.
Also, if anyone saw pics of Zoe Kravitz's dress, I thought it was really pretty too. I'm a sucker for red and white done minimalistically. Yes, I believe I did just invent that word.


spring is in the air...

...or it's at least already in the fashion and i just want to snatch it all up! especially this lovely spring frock perfect for the all weddings, graduations, easters, birthdays, christenings, and central park picnic dates (hint hint) that i have coming up. so, kudos to talbots, and their image revamping in the last few years, and a special thanks to my SMIL for the talbots gift card i've had tucked away since Christmas...i think i found the piece i was waiting for!


and the (NAACP) award goes to...

...eva marcille!!! for this frothy confection covered in crystals that is ladylike and more demurely covered than most of the dresses we see lately and yet not at all boring due to the dark polish, sassy pose, and fantastic rocker hair. brava eva bird!

(special thanks to b. for helping me to place the model above!)